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Southeast Sleep Disorders Center (a division of Southeast Lung Associates) is a significant resource to the local medical community and the regional leader in sleep diagnostics and treatment services. Since 1996, Southeast Sleep Disorders Center has been serving the needs of South East Georgia and the Low Country of South Carolina offering twelve sleep centers and six Board Certified Sleep Medicine specialists.

One of our Sleep Rooms (Rincon Location)Each center uses state-of the art equipment to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from sleep disorders.

The majority of our sleep centers are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). In order to attain this accreditation, each center must undergo a rigorous on-site inspection and comply with the AASM Standards for Accreditation – the “gold standard” for patient care in the sleep medicine field. As an AASM accredited center Southeast Sleep Disorders Center providers must demonstrate excellence in patient evaluation and care, physician and staff training, equipment and facilities.

Please contact our office at (912) 629-2290 if you have interest in making an appointment with one of our Board Certified Sleep Specialists or you may phone one of our Sleep Lab locations directly by phoning the number of the location nearest you. Most insurances are accepted and self-referrals are welcomed.

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Your doctor wants you to do a sleep study at home to check your breathing while you sleep. A home sleep study is performed on an Alice NightOne machine and requires you to wear sensors and a small recorder while you sleep for 1 night. Staff will review the recorder and sensor instructions when you pick up your Alice NightOne machine from our office. If you have problems or questions once you get home, please call (912) 629-2290. If during business hours, press #5 for our sleep department staff. If after business hours, press #1 for the operator. Technical help is available 24/7.

Additional Resource: You can refer to this video link for further device setup information:


The Alice NightOne device should be worn over clothing and for 4-6 continuous hours for accurate reading. 

  1. Effort Belt Connection
    • The Alice NightOne device should be snugly aligned in the center of your chest comfortably.
    • Insert the loose end of the Effort Belt into the connect slot on the side of the device. The device will be automatically powered on once this is done and will begin recording.

The Effort Belt should be snug but not uncomfortable. Once you take several breaths with the Effort Belt connected, the icon will stop flashing yellow and turn green. If icon does not turn green, check Effort Belt connection, the position and the snugness.

  1. Cannula Connection
    • Place the cannula tube behind your ears. There are 3 sensor prongs attached. Ensure 2 sensor prongs are facing up and are comfortably inside your nostrils & 1 sensor prong hangs loosely over top of your lip. Tape is included in your kit: You may use is to secure the cannulas on your face by applying tape to both cheeks.
    • Slide the adjuster on the tube up to your chin until secure. Once several breaths have been taken, the cannula icon will stop flashing yellow and turn green. If the icon does not turn green, make sure the prongs are secure in your nostrils. Breathe through your nose for 10 seconds and check again.
  2. Finger Sensor Connection
    • Attach the finger sensor on your forefinger and route the sensor wire over the back of your hand. After several breaths, the sensor icon will stop flashing yellow and turn green. If icon does not turn green, check position and ensure it is securely placed. You may use tape to secure the sensor on your hand.
  3. End Study
    Press & hold middle button on the AliceOne device for 15-30 seconds until the red light on finger sensor turns off.

Note: (1) Once the sensors are reading properly and the study is recording, the lights on the AliceOne device will turn off. Feel free to now sleep at this time. (2) The ” Good Study” light indicator located on device side is for office use only.

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Savannah Sleep Disorders Center

340 Hodgson Ct., Suite 3
Savannah, GA 31406
(P) 912-629-2290 option 4
(F) 912-629-0843

Southeast Sleep Disorders Center of Brunswick**

122 Scranton Connector, Suite 112
Brunswick, GA 31525
(P) 912-262-0611
(F) 912-262-0881
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Southeast Sleep Disorders Center of Hilton Head**

23 Main Street, Suite 202
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
(P) 843-682-3583
(F) 843-682-3597
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Southeast Sleep Disorders Center of Hinesville**

601 E. General Stewart Way
Hinesville, GA 31313

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Southeast Sleep Disorders Center of Jesup

370 Peachtree St.
Jesup, GA
(P) 912-629-2290 option 4
(F) 912-629-2292
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Southeast Sleep Disorders Center of Rincon**

131 Silverwood Center, Suite 100
Rincon, GA 31326
(P) 912-826-3927
(F) 912-826-3031
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Southeast Sleep Disorders Center of Douglas

200 Doctors Drive, Suite O
Douglas, GA 31533
(P) 912-629-2290 option 4
(F) 912-629-0843

** denotes Accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine